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Listed below is the full list of Bungoma County Governors, Deputy Governors, Senators, County Women Representatives in the National Assembly, MCAs in the Bungoma County Assembly from the year 2013 when devolution came into place in Kenya.

The table below gives the fine details of this County.

Bungoma County (County Code 039)

Bungoma County Governors since 2013

Bungoma County Governor

2017 – 2022


Governor: Wycliffe Wafula Wangamati

(Party: Ford Kenya )
Deputy Governor: Ngome Kibanani

Bungoma Town,
Bungoma County,

Bungoma County Kenya

2013 – 2017

Governor: Kenneth Lusaka

(Party: New Ford Kenya in Jubilee Coalition)
Deputy Governor: Hillary Chongwony

Bungoma County Senators since 2013

Bungoma County Senator

2017 – 2022

Senator: Moses Wetangula

(Party: Ford Kenya)

2013 – 2017

Senator: Moses Wetangula

Party: Ford Kenya

Bungoma County Women Representatives since 2013

Bungoma County Women Representative

2017 – 2022

Women Representative: Catherine Nanjala Wambilianga

(Party: Ford Kenya)

2013 – 2017

Women Representative: Dr. Reginalda Nakhumicha Wanyonyi

Party: New Ford Kenya

Counties bordering Bungoma County

These are the counties that boarder Bungoma County
Trans Nzoia County, Kakamega County, Busia County

Constituencies in Bungoma County

These are the constituencies that are located within Bungoma County
Mount Elgon Constituency (Code 216), Sirisia Constituency (Code 217), Kabuchai Constituency (Code 218), Bumula Constituency (Code 219), Kanduyi Constituency (Code 220), Webuye East Constituency (Code 221), Webuye West Constituency (Code 222), Kimilili Constituency (Code 223), Tongaren Constituency (Code 224)

Wards in Bungoma County

These are the wards that are in Bungoma County
Mt. Elgon Constituency

1. Cheptais
2. Chesikaki
3. Chepyuk
4. Kapkateny
5. Kaptama
6. Elgon

Sirisia Constituency

1. Namwela
2. Malakisi/South Kulisiru
3. Lwandanyi

Kabuchai Constituency

1. KABUCHAI/Chwele
2. West Nalondo
3. Bwake/Luuya
4. Mukuyuni
5. South Bukusu

Bumula Constituency

1. Bumula
2. Khasoko
3. Kabula
4. Kimaeti
5. South Bukusu
6. Siboti

Kanduyi Constituency

1. Bukembe West
2. Bukembe East
3. Township
4. Khalaba
5. Musikoma
6. East Snag’alo
7. Marakatu
8. Tuuti
9. West Sang’alo

Webuye East Constituency

1. Mihuu
2. Ndivisi
3. Maraka

Webuye West Constituency

1. Sitikho
2. Matulo
3. Bokoli


1. Kibingei
2. Kimilili
3. Maeni
4. Kamukuywa

Tongaren Constituency

1. Mbakalo
2. Naitiri/Kabuyefwe
3. Milima
4. Ndalu/Tabani
5. Tongaren
6. Soysambu/Mitua

Economic Activities in Bungoma County

These are the major economic activities in Bungoma County
The main economic activities include: Agriculture, manufacturing, services, and retail


Agriculture is the backbone of Bungoma County and most families rely on crop production and animal rearing. The main crops include maize, beans, finger millet, sweet potatoes, bananas, Irish potatoes and assorted vegetables.

The main cash crops include sugar cane, cotton, palm oil, coffee, sun flower and tobacco.


Rai Paper, formerly Pan- African Paper Mills (East Africa) Limited, is one of the largest manufacturing companies in the county. The company, which was incorporated in 1969, is based in Webuye town and manufactures paper products.

Nzoia Sugar Company Ltd is the other major manufacturing company in the county. Established in 1975, the company serves over 67,000 farmers within and without Bungoma County.

Services Sector

Bungoma is served by several financial institutions including major banks such as Barclays, KCB, Equity, Cooperative, National, Family, Diamond Trust and Bank of Africa.


Despite having some potential for tourism including in the Mt. Elgon National Park and cultural events such as traditional circumcision, Bungoma’s tourism sector is under-developed. It is only recently that an upsurge of the hotel industry has been experienced, mainly driven by business travelers.

Bungoma County has had a vibrant retail sector which has been growing. The major supermarkets operating in the county include Nakumatt, Naivas, Khetias, and Shariffs.

Prominent Personalities in Bungoma County

These are the major economic activities in Bungoma County
1. H.E. Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi (Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, UNCTAD)
2. Masinde Muliro( Founder Member of original KADU independence party, Founder member of FORD party
3. Wamalwa Kijana (former vice president),
4. Cardinal Maurice Michael Otunga (head of the Catholic Church in Kenya)
5. Elijah Masinde (founder of Dini ya Musambwa)
6. Sudi Namachanja (chief during colonial days)
7. Hon.Lawrence Sifuna (Second-Liberation hero in the struggle for multiparty democracy in Kenya)
8. Luka Namulala (community fore teller)
9. Nancy Barasa
10. Ken Lusaka
11. Musikari Kombo

Accommodation Facilities in Bungoma County

These are the notable hotels, motels and accommodation facilities in Bungoma County
1. Salmond View Hotel
2. Tourist Hotel Bungoma
3. Elegant Hotel
4. The County Comfort Hotel
5. Greenvalle Hotel
6. Bamboo Village Guest House
7. Eleon Inn
8. Hotel Rosswood
9. Bungoma Countryside Hotel
10. Lukose Villa
11. Mana Club @ Fort Jesus
12. Leisure Resort
13. Half London Hotel
14. Court Yard Hotel
15. Satellite View Hotel
16. Webuye Grand Motel
17. Bustani Cottages

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