TSC Payslip Online Registration and Download and KRA P9 Form Download

Teachers Service Commission staff and members who are mostly teachers in Kenya can now login and download their payslips and KRA P9 form online. All one needs to do is to Register for the TSC Payslip Online service.

Previously, one would register for TSC Payslip Online service online but due to numerous cases of fraud, the Teachers Service Commission discontinued the online registration.

Now members need to visit their nearest TSC county office with the original ID Card for the initial physical registration and then thereafter go online to activate the TSC Payslip Online account.

For successful registration of the TSC Payslip Online account, one will require to provide the following information accurately and truthfully


# TSC number,

# Full Registered Names,

# Kenyan ID number,


# KRA PIN Number,

# Date of birth,

# Designation code,

# Pay station code,

# Bank account number,

# Mobile number,

# Personal email address.

TSC Payslip Online Login

Once you have an account created, you will need to go online and login to access your Payslip through The Website.

Here you will be required to enter your TSC number and password previously given to you when the account was created.

Teachers are required to create a new password and confirm the new Password. They are also required to select a unique secret question and an answer to it for easy recovery of the account in case they forget the login details at a later time.

Once you have successfully updated your login details, you can get payslips for any month of your choice because they are listed there month by month.

What is T-Pay (TSC Payslip on Mobile Phone)

T-Pay is an online service provided by the TSC portal that enables teachers who have registered with TSC Online to access their Payslips online.

To register for T-Pay, one needs to visit the nearest TSC county office with their original national identification card.

To login to your TSC payslip online login page you are only required to use your TSC number and password. The T-Pay service is free.

How to Download Your TSC Payslip Using T-Pay

These are the steps you will follow to download and print your TSC Payslip if you’re already registered.

  • Visit the T-Pay Portal website to access the login page
  • Enter your username (TSC Number) and password created during registration.
  • If you enter the correct details, the dashboard will open and you will be able to select the payslip you want to download and print.

How to Download KRA P9 Form from payslip.tsc.go.ke Portal

Teachers too are required by the taxman to file their KRA tax returns every year before 30th June of every year.

The KRA P9 form is is a statement from KRA given by the employer to the employee indicating all the financial emoluments the employer has advanced to the employee and what tax has been deducted from each.

Filing returns also helps you and the taxman to confirm that what was deducted from your income as tax by your employer was actually remitted to KRA.

The employee is supposed to confirm that statement in the KRA P9 form so that the taxman can eliminate fraud on the part of the employer.

To access the KRA P9 Form for download, follow these steps:

  • Visit the TSC Website
  • Enter your TSC number and password to log in to your TSC payslip portal
  • When you are successfully logged in, click on the P9 Form link
  • Upon clicking On tapping on the P9 Form link, you will be directed to your p9 form(s) where you can download or print the one of your choice.

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