How to File KRA Nil Returns Online 2023 Using the KRA iTax Mobile App for Unemployed and College/University Students

We are going to learn how to file KRA Nil Returns in the KRA Portal online and also using the KRA iTax Mobile App.

These Nil returns are for Unemployed citizens and students in College and University.

For any student to be advanced the HELB loan, they must first apply for the KRA iTax Pin number.

The Government of Kenya has obligated every Kenyan citizen above the age of 18 years to acquire an Identity Card which will enable him/her to apply for the very important KRA pin Number.


Every Person with a KRA Pin Number MUST file back his/her KRA Tax Returns every year whether they are employed or not.

Therefore, even unemployed individuals and College/University students are required to file back KRA Tax Returns in the form of a KRA Nil return.

Failure to file back your KRA Nil returns attracts a hefty fine of Ksh. 20,000. So do not think that because you are unemployed or you are a student, you don’t have that responsibility to the taxman.

KRA iTax returns MUST be filed back before 30th June of every year.

Step-by-Step Procedure of How to File KRA Nil Returns

For you to file back your KRA Nil Returns you will need the following;

  1. Your KRA pin Number
  2. Your KRA Password
  3. A Computer or device with an internet connection

After you get the above information and the device, just follow these steps

  1. Go to your KRA iTax Login page
  2. On the ‘Enter PIN/User ID’ section, Type your KRA Pin Number and click continue
  3. Then Type Your Password
  4. At the ‘Security Stamp’ type the correct answer.

In case you have forgotten your KRA Pin Number, Password or email address, you can use this guide to recover or reset your login details

If you are successful in login in to your KRA iTax Portal

  1. Click on the Returns Tab
  2. Select the Nil Return option
  3. On the ‘Nil e-Return’ page and on the ‘Tax Obligation’ choice, select ‘Income Tax – Resident Individual’ then click Next
  4. The ‘Income Tax – Resident Individual Nil e-Return Form’ will appear fully populated with your KRA Pin Number and the year for which you are filing your Tax returns.
  5. Finally, Click ‘Submit’

If the submission is successful, an acknowledgment receipt will be generated. Just click on the link to save the PDF file or print it.

How to File Back your KRA Nil Returns using the KRA iTax Mobile App

You can also File Back your KRA Nil Returns using the KRA iTax Mobile App. This is the Procedure.

Step 1: First, you have to download the App from Google PlayStore using this LINK. You will need at least 5MB of space to download and install this App. Currently, we do not have IOS or Windows version of the KRA iTax Mobile App.

Step 2: After you download the App, click install, then click Open.

Step 3: From here, you will just need to login using your KRA Pin Number and Password as you would do on the online KRA Portal on a PC

Step 4: Once you have logged in, click ‘Home’ and select the ‘Income Tax’ Obligation. Then Click ‘File Nil Return’

Step 5: Select on ‘Resident Individual’

Step 6: Then, The tax period will be auto-populated by the App. Click on ‘Submit’.

Step 7: After you Click the Submit Button, this message is generated to confirm that a Nil return will be filed; “Dear Taxpayer, filing of Nil Returns is only applicable in cases where you have NO transactions to declare for the period. Are you sure you want to file Nil Return?’ Click on ‘OK’ to confirm.

Step 8: This success message will finally be generated as a confirmation of the successful filing of the KRA Nil Return; iTax Success: Your return has been filed successfully with Acknowledgement Number (KRA/YEAR/NUMBER). Please visit iTax KRA web portal to view filed return.

Step 9: You can only file this return after the filing period starts on January 1st until June 31st. If you try to file during any other period, you will get this notification; iTax: return for the period 01/01/yyyy to 31/12/yyyy can be filed after 31/12/yyyy.

Watch the Video Tutorial Below on How to File KRA Nil Returns Online

How to file KRA Nil Returns Online

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