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Justice Paul Kihara Kariuki Bio

Justice Paul Kihara Kariuki was born on May 11, 1954 in Kiambu, Kenya.

He was appointed to replace Prof. Githu Muigai who resigned as the Attorney General of the Republic of Kenya on 13th February, 2018. Here is the tweet by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Before this appointment, he was the President of the Court of Appeal in Kenya. He is also a religious man having been a Chancellor of the Anglican Church before being admitted to the bar.

Justice Paul Kihara Kariuki education Background

Justice Paul Kihara Kariuki attended the University of Nairobi for his Bachelor of Law Degree. He graduated in 1977.

Justice Paul Kihara Kariuki career

Justice Paul Kihara Kariuki served as chancellor of the Anglican church from 1980, a position he only relinquished when he became a judge in 2001.

Between 1977 and 1980 he was a Legal assistant at Hamilton Harrison and Matthews in Nairobi and a partner in the same firm from 1981 to 1986.

He has been the Group managing director International Controls Group of Companies since 2000.

Justice Paul Kihara Kariuki was appointed the director of the Kenya School of Law, a position that had become vacant after previous holder, Mr Leonard Njagi, was appointed a High Court judge. Justice Kariuki served in this position only briefly as he was also appointed a judge but stayed longer in order to move the Kenya School of Law from from its Valley Road address to its present locale in Karen.Justice Paul Kihara Kariuki - Biography, Court of Appeal, Judge, Wife, Family, Wealth, Bio, Profile, Education, Children, Son, Daughter, Age, Judicial Career, Business, Video, Photo

In October 2003. Paul Kihara Kariuki was one of the judges appointed as judges of the High Court by President Kibaki.

On appointment, Justice Kariuki became the duty judge at the High Court, replacing Justice Isaac Lenaola who had been appointed a member of the tribunal to investigate judges who chose to contest their removal from the bench. Justice Paul Kihara Kariuki was to hold the position of duty judge for the next two years.

In 2006, Chief Justice Gicheru appointed an integrity review committee and appointed Justice Justice Paul Kihara Kariuki to head this committee.

The main accomplishment of the Kariuki committee, as it came to be called, was that it addressed, for the first time, financial management issues within the Judiciary and made far-reaching recommendations. Its report led to a purge on administrative staff who were in charge of these processes.

In 2009, the Chief Justice appointed Justice Kariuki to head the newly established Judicial Training Institute (JTI). The idea behind a dedicated institution to address the training needs of the Judiciary. This is the appointment that costed Rosemelle Mutoka, a magistrate, the same job.

Justice Kariuki was regarded as one of the confidantes of the former Chief Justice. Throughout his tenure, the Chief Justice spared the two from the frequent transfers around the country to which all other judges were subjected, and as a result, they always served in Nairobi.

Towards 2011, Justice Paul Kihara Kariuki relations with Chief Justice Evans Gicheru began to severe after reports emerged that Justice Paul Kihara Kariuki was being groomed by State House to become the next Chief Justice. Therefore he was removed as a director of JTI ans assigned judicial duties at the Milimani Commercial Courts and thereafter transferred to Machakos. He was not even formally notified about this, he learnt from colleagues that his name had suddenly appeared on the cause list. The former Chief Justice also failed to approve a foreign trip for him.

The funeral of the son of former Cabinet minister Njenga Karume was attended by a large number of politicians and was used as the launching pad for Justice Kariuki’s bid for Chief Justice. The judge had been given a visible seat during the funeral and had also been asked to address other mourners, in a clear attempt to profile him to the public.

Justice Paul Kihara Kariuki Chief Justice Supreme Court

Justice Kariuki is a strong candidate for the position of Chief Justice. His main asset is that he has accomplished tasks that were previously assigned to him with a high measure of efficiency.

His undoing is his tribe. Pundits say that it will not auger well for this country if all presidents of the government, Judiciary, Legislature and executive hail from one region.

Justice Paul Kihara Kariuki parents

Justice Kariuki’s parents are the Late Bishop of Anglican Church Obadiah Kariuki and Lilian Wairimu the daughter of senior chief Koinange were married by Rev. Canon Samuel Nguru on September 3, 1930 at St. John’s Church, Kiambaa.

Justice Paul Kihara Kariuki brothers and sisters

God blessed Kariuki and Lilian with fourteen children. Sadly, they lost lost three of their sons as infants, which left them with only five sons and six daughters. Justice Kihara is the last born son.

Justice Paul Kihara Kariuki wife

Justice Kariuki got married to Sarah Njoki Kimingi Kariuki on September 4, 1976. They are blessed with three children

Justice Paul Kihara Kariuki children

Justice Kariuki’s Daughters are Marion Wairimu Kariuki and Zazira Njeri Kariuki. His son is Andrew Kariuki

Justice Paul Kihara Kariuki age

Justice Paul Kihara Kariuki is 62 years old as at 2016

Justice Paul Kihara Kariuki video

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