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The University of Nairobi has an online Student Information Management System that is abbreviated as SMIS that is located in the UON Student Portal.

This system assists the students to access relevant services that the students need from the university administration.

Some of these services are;

# Viewing of the Fee statement


# Viewing of the Class Timetable and Exam Timetable

# Course Registration

# Exam Card Printing

# Exam Results Enquiries

# Provisional Result Slip and Transcript Printing

# Hostel and Accommodation Room Booking

# Changing UON Student Portal Login Password

# Request of Student ID

# UON Inter Faculty Transfers

# UON Clearance Status

# Caution Money Refund

# Academic Tracking

How to Login to the UON Student portal

To access the UON Students portal website, kindly click HERE

  • For the Registered Online Users, to Login, use the Registration Number. The year of registration must be in full eg ../2009
  • Type your Student Registration Number
  • Then type your Password. Use your National ID, Passport No. or KCSE Index No. or Registered Mobile No. as your initial password
  • Point to Note; The Digits and Letters in the Registration Number. In C01/.. the digit 0 is (Zero) and NOT letter O and in I20/..  the Letter is I and NOT Digit 1 (One)
  • Click on Login

How to Register on the UON Student portal

  • If you are a new student, to register you will need to have your  Application Reference No.
  • At the bottom of the registration page, enter this ref. no. as it appears in your Letter of Offer
  • Then click on “Get Allocated Registration Number” to get your allocated Student Registration No
  • After you get the Reg. no. follow the instructions thereafter to complete the registration process
UON Student Portal, Website, Forgot Password Reset, Fee Statement, Class Exam Timetable, Course Registration, Provisional Result Slip, Transcript Request
UON Student Portal, Website, Forgot Password Reset, Fee Statement, Class Exam Timetable, Course Registration, Provisional Result Slip, Transcript Request

Forgot Password of the UON Student portal Login

If you have forgotten your Login password, visit the UON Students Portal

  • Click on Portal Home
  • Then Click on Change Password
  • Then type your Registration Number
  • Then click on “Request Login Password”

How to Access Various Services at the UON Student Portal

This is a brief explanation that will help the students know the kind of services that can be accessed through the student portal.

Viewing of the Fee Statement

In this section of viewing the fee structure and fee statement, the student will view the fee balance, how to pay for the tuition, the bank account numbers and the various branches where payment can be made.

Viewing of the Class and Exam Timetable

In this section, the student will see the various timetables that are listed. They include Academic timetables, Exam timetables, and Events timetables.

In each timetable, the student will view the information they need.

UON Course Registration

The students will be able to register for the courses of their choice from the various departments, faculties and schools. This registration of courses is done online.

UON Exam Card Printing

The students require exam cards in order to access the exam rooms and be allowed to sit for their exams. There are various reasons why one would fail to view and print their exam card like if one has a fee balance.

If one has met all the conditions required to sit for the exams in a particular semester, he/she can access and print the exam card in the UON Student Portal.

UON Exam Results Enquiries

After the students have sat and completed their exams, they will come back to the UON Student Portal to view the results.

This is done during the course of the following semester after marking by the internal and external examiners is completed.

Provisional Result Slip and Transcript Printing

When the exam results have been released, the provisional result slips and transcrips are posted to the UON Student Portal for the students to see and give feedback to the examiner.

If the student is OK with the results, he/she can print them for personal use.

Hostel and Accommodation Room Booking

Due to the shortage is accommodation in the university, the administration does not guarantee accommodation to the students.

This is due to the Government of Kenya delinking university admissions from the availability of accommodation.

However, students can bid for the available accommodation space HERE

Changing UON Student Portal Login Password

When you realise that your UON Student Portal Login details have been compromised, you can change the login details in the portal using this procedure HERE

The request of UON Student ID

It is through the portal that students can place a request to be issued a Student ID Card, especially for new students.

Old students who have mutilated, misplaced, or lost their UON Student IDs can request to be issued new IDs after they fulfill the necessary requirements.

UON Inter Faculty Transfers

After admissions you find can find out that there is another course that you prefer more than your current one.

When you find that there is a vacancy in that other department, faculty, school or college, you can initiate an inter-faculty transfer through the UON Student Portal and wait to see if you are lucky enough to clinch that slot amid many other applications bidding for the same vacancy.

UON Clearance Status

After you have cleared your studies or your stay in the hostels, you will need to be cleared by the university.

You will initiate clearance with the relevant departments, schools, faculties, colleges, libraries and hostels so that your are free to finally exit the university.

To see how far you have gone with the clearance, you can view the status in the UON Student Portal.

UON Caution Money Refund

After clearing with the university, you have a chance to claim back your caution money. To get this caution money, you will need to fully clear with the university and if there are any deductions, they will be made from this fund. You will initiate this claim from the portal.

Academic Tracking

As the student progresses from one year to the other, he/she needs to have a record of his/her academic journey. This shows the courses done, passed or failed and if one has qualified to progress to the next academic year. This academic tracking can be done through the UON Student Portal.

UON Student Email

University of Nairobi sends all communication to staff and students via UoN email.

Students are also mandated to use UoN emails to submit their assignments, create mail groups, share online documents/projects, and to chat.

To create an email account, you will need to create it in the Student Portal

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