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Listed below is the full list of Busia County Governors, Deputy Governors, Senators, County Women Representatives in the National Assembly, MCAs in the Busia County Assembly from the year 2013 when devolution came into place in Kenya.

The table below gives the fine details of this County.

Busia County (County Code 040)

Busia County Governors since 2013

Busia County Governor

2017 – 2022


Governor: Sospeter Ojaamong

(Party: ODM )
Deputy Governor: Moses Mulomi

Busia Town Town,
Busia County,

Busia County Kenya

2013 – 2017

Governor: Sospeter Ojaamong

(Party: ODM)
Deputy Governor: Kizito Wangalwa

Busia County Senators since 2013

Busia County Senator

2017 – 2022

Senator: Amos Wako

(Party: ODM)

2013 – 2017

Senator: Amos Wako

Party: ODM

Busia County Women Representatives since 2013

Busia County Women Representative

2017 – 2022

Women Representative: Florence Mutua

(Party: ODM)

2013 – 2017

Women Representative: Florence Mutua

Party: ODM

Counties bordering Busia County

These are the counties that boarder Busia County
Kakamega County, Bungoma County, Siaya County

Constituencies in Busia County

These are the constituencies that are located within Busia County
Teso North Constituency (Code 225), Teso South Constituency (Code 226), Nambale Constituency (Code 227), Matayos Constituency (Code 228), Butula Constituency (Code 229), Funyula Constituency (Code 230), Budalangi Constituency (Code 231)

Wards in Busia County

These are the wards that are in Busia County
Budalangi Constituency

1. Bunyala Central
2. Bunyala East
3. Bunyala North
4. Bunyala South
5. Bunyala West

Nambale Constituency

1. Bukhayo Central
2. Bukhayo East
3. Bukhayo North / Walatsi
4. Nambale Township

Butula Constituency

1. Marachi Central
2. Marachi East
3. Marachi North
4. Marachi West
5. Eligulu
6. Kingandole

Funyula Constituency

1. Bwiri
2. Namboboto Nambuku
3. Nangina
4. Ageng'a Nanguba

Matayos Constituency

1. Bukhayo West
2. Burumba
3. Busibwabo
4. Matayos South
5. Mayenje

Teso North Constituency

1. Ang'urai North
2. Ang'urai East
3. Ang'urai South
4. Malaba Central
5. Malaba South
6. Malaba North

Teso South Constituency

1. Amukura Central
2. Amukura East
3. Amukura West
4. Ang'orom
5. Chakol North
6. Chakol South

Economic Activities in Busia County

These are the major economic activities in Busia County
The main economic activity is trade with neighbouring Uganda, with Busia town – the county headquarters and largest town – being a cross-border centre.

Away from town, the county economy is heavily reliant on fishing and agriculture, with cassava, millet, sweet potatoes, beans, and maize being the principal cash crops.

Prominent Personalities in Busia County

These are the major economic activities in Busia County
1. Ababu Namwamba (MP-Budalangi)
2. Geoffrey Odanga (MP-Matayos)
3. John Bunyasi (MP-Nambale)
4. Paul Otuoma (MP-Funyula)
5. Arthur Odera (MP-Teso North)
6. Mary Otuch (MP-Teso South)
7. Michael Onyura (MP-Butula)
8. Sospeter Ojaamong (Governor)
9. Amos Wako (Senator)
10. Florence Mwikali Mutua
11. Moody Awori
12. Dr. Julia Ojiambo

Accommodation Facilities in Busia County

These are the notable hotels, motels and accommodation facilities in Busia County
1. Farmview Hotel
2. Younear Guesthouse
3. Hotel Itoya
4. The Quill
5. The Breeze Hotel
6. Afrique Hotel
7. Hotel Rastopark
8. Florida Guest House
9. Samia Resort
10. Blue York Hotel
11. Jophil Hotel
12. Samia Resort
13. Jophil Hotel
14. Border Palace Hotel
15. Hotel Rowcena

Famous Sites in Busia County

The Kakapel National Monument, which is located on a huge rock site in the Chelelemuk hills – just a few kilometres from the Kenya-Uganda border, is one of the top attractions of Busia County. The site that was gazetted as a national monument in 2004 comprises spectacular rock art that is believed to have been crafted by a group of hunters about 4,000 years ago. Kakapel has red paintings (drawn with fingers) illustrating animals, geometric designs and ceremonial symbols. The site is administered by the Trust for Africa Rock Art (TARA) and the National Museums of Kenya.

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