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Listed below is the full list of Homa Bay County Governors, Deputy Governors, Senators, County Women Representatives in the National Assembly, MCAs in the Homa Bay County Assembly from the year 2013 when devolution came into place in Kenya.

The table below gives the fine details of this County.

Homa Bay County (County Code 043)

Homa Bay County Governors since 2013

Homa Bay County Governor

2017 – 2022


Governor: Cyprian Awiti

(Party: ODM )
Deputy Governor: Hamilton Orata

Homa Bay Town Town,
Homa Bay County,

Homa Bay County Kenya

2013 – 2017

Governor: Cyprian Awiti

(Party: ODM)
Deputy Governor: Hamilton Orata

Homa Bay County Senators since 2013

Homa Bay County Senator

2017 – 2022

Senator: Moses Otieno Kajwang

(Party: ODM)

2013 – 2017

Senator: Moses Otieno Kajwang

Party: ODM

Homa Bay County Women Representatives since 2013

Homa Bay County Women Representative

2017 – 2022

Women Representative: Gladys Wanga

(Party: ODM)

2013 – 2017

Women Representative: Gladys Wanga

Party: ODM

Counties bordering Homa Bay County

These are the counties that boarder Homa Bay County
1. Siaya County 041
2. Kisumu County 042
3. Homa Bay County 043
4. Migori County 044
5. Kisii County 045
6. Nyamira County 046

Constituencies in Homa Bay County

These are the constituencies that are located within Homa Bay County
1. Kasipul Constituency (Code 245)
2. Kabondo Kasipul Constituency (Code 246)
3. Karachuonyo Constituency (Code 247)
4. Rangwe Constituency (Code 248)
5. Homa Bay Town Constituency (Code 249)
6. Ndhiwa Constituency (Code 250)
7. Suba North Constituency (Code 251)
8. Suba South Constituency (Code 252)

Wards in Homa Bay County

These are the wards that are in Homa Bay County
Kasipul Constituency

1. West Kasipul
2. South Kasipul
3. Central Kasipul
4. East Kamagak
5. West Kamagak

Kabondo Kasipul Constituency

1. Kabondo East
2. Kabondo West
3. Kokwanyo/Kakel O Kojwach

Karachuonyo Constituency

1. West Karachuonyo
2. North Karachuonyo
3. Central Kanyaluo
4. Kibiri
5. Wangchieng
6. Kendu Bay Town

Rangwe Constituency

1. West Gem
2. East Gem
3. Kagan
4. Kochia

Homa Bay Town Constituency

1. Homa Bay Central
2. Homa Bay Arujo
3. Homa Bay West
4. Homa Bay East

Ndhiwa Constituency

1. Kwabwai
2. Kanyadoto
3. Kanyikela
4. Kabuoch North
5. Kabuoch South/Pala
6. Kanyamwa Kologi
7. Kanyamwa Kosewe

Suba South Constituency
1. Mfangano Island
2. Rusinga Island
3. Kasgunga
4. Gember
5. Lambwe

Suba North Constituency

1. Gwassi South
2. Gwassi North
3. Kaksingri West
4. Ruma-Kakshingri

Economic Activities in Homa Bay County

These are the major economic activities in Homa Bay County
The Homa Bay County’s main economic activities include farming, Fishing, livestock rearing and trading activities. It has a potential of fishing industry in Lake Victoria which accounts for over 90% of the total economic activities of the area.

The county has Agricultural potential like cotton, rice, maize, millet, sorghum and sugar cane planting.

Other economic activities include Lake Transport by motor boats, building stone and sand harvesting at Kendu Bay and tourist attraction sites along Lake Victoria. Homa Bay County is also endowed with rivers, hills, lake shore, swamps, island bays and escarpment which act as tourist’s attraction.

Tourist attractions in Homa Bay County include

1. Ruma National Park

Ruma National Park is located in Lambwe Valley, close to the shores of Lake Victoria. The park is home to a huge population of wildlife including the roan antelope – found nowhere else in Kenya.

2. Kanjera Archaeological Site

Located on the southern shore of the Winam Gulf of Lake Victoria, the Kanjera Archaeological Site is a popular attraction among lovers of ancient history and archaeology. Stone tools and fossils dating to around 2.5 million years have been excavated in Kanjera.

3. Simbi Nyaima Lake

Simbi Nyaima, a volcanic crater lake in Kendu Bay, is believed to have been formed around 1680 as a result of an earthquake that was accompanied by volcanic eruption. The waters of the lake are said to have medicinal value and many people claim have been cured after bathing in the lake.

4. Mfangano and Rusinga islands

Mfangano and Rusinga islands, both set in Lake Victoria offer excellent sites for hiking, fishing, walking safaris and bird watching. Rusinga Island is the home and burial site of the late former cabinet minister Tom Mboya, who was assassinated in 1969.

Prominent Personalities in Homa Bay County

These are the major economic activities in Homa Bay County
1. Tom Mboya
2. Otieno Kajwang'
3. Gladys Wanga
4. Millie Odhiambo
5. Cyprian Awiti

Accommodation Facilities in Homa Bay County

These are the notable hotels, motels and accommodation facilities in Homa Bay County
1. Hotel Staridge LTD
2. ACK Guest House Homa Bay
3. Ruma Tourist Lodge
4. Rusinga Blue Ridge Hotel
5. Rusinga Island Lodge
6. Hotel Twin Towers
7. Jabali Country Lodge
8. Goono Konyuka Beach Resort
9. Ruma River Lodge
10. Bimoss Hotel
11. Oyugis Hill Breeze Hotel
12. Hotel Tausi

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