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Listed below is the full list of Garissa County Governors, Deputy Governors, Senators, County Women Representatives in the National Assembly, MCAs in the Garissa County Assembly from the year 2013 when devolution came into place in Kenya.

The table below gives the fine details of this County.

Garissa County (County Code 007)

Garissa County Governors since 2013

Garissa County Governor

2017 – 2022


Governor: Ali Korane

(Party: Jubilee )
Deputy Governor: Abdi Dagane Muhumed

Garissa Town Town,
Garissa County,

Garissa County Kenya

2013 – 2017

Governor: Nathif Jama Adam

(Party: Wiper Democratic Party)
Deputy Governor: Abdullahi Hussein

Garissa County Senators since 2013

Garissa County Senator

2017 – 2022

Senator: Mohamed Yusuf Haji

(Party: Jubilee)

2013 – 2017

Senator: Mohamed Yusuf Haji

Party: TNA in Jubilee Party

Garissa County Women Representatives since 2013

Garissa County Women Representative

2017 – 2022

Women Representative: Anab Mohamed Gure

(Party: Jubilee)

2013 – 2017

Women Representative: Shukran Gure

Party: Jubilee

Counties bordering Garissa County

These are the counties that boarder Garissa County
1. Wajir County 008
2. Isiolo County 011
3. Tana River County 004
4. Lamu County 005

Constituencies in Garissa County

These are the constituencies that are located within Garissa County
1. Garissa Township Constituency
2. Ijara Constituency
3. Dadaab Constituency
4. Lagdera Constituency
5. Fafi Constituency
6. Balambala Constituency

Wards in Garissa County

These are the wards that are in Garissa County
Garissa Township Constituency

1. Waberi
2. Galbet
3. Township
4. Iftin

Balambala Constituency

1. Balambala
2. Danyere
3. Jarajara
4. Saka
5. Sankuri

Lagdera Constituency

1. Modogashe
2. Bename
3. Goreale
4. Maalamin
5. Sabena
6. Baraki

Dadaab Constituency

1. Dertu
2. Dadaab
3. Labasigale
4. Damajale
5. Liboi
6. Abakaile

Fafi Constituency

1. Bura
2. Dekaharia
3. Jarajila
4. Fafi
5. Nanighi

Ijara Constituency

1. Hulugho
2. Sangailu
3. Ijara
4. Masalani

Economic Activities in Garissa County

These are the major economic activities in Garissa County
Livestock production is a significant part of the county’s economy. Between 2005 and 2007, Garissa cattle producers earned over 1.8 billion shillings in sales in domestic and overseas markets.

Livestock is a crucial source of financial capital for the rural poor. The arid and semi-arid lands are home to nearly 70% of the national herd with an estimated value of Kenya shillings 70 billion.


The dry and arid landscape could be exploited to offer tourism packages that encompass camel-back expeditions and camping activities. The region could also be opened up to dessert rallying activities similar to those carried out in different regions in the world.

The tourism sector is also growing with a number of hotels and resorts coming up. This compliments attractions such as the bour-algy Giraffe Sanctuary and other wildlife that contribute to the county’s tourism industry. The county prides itself in having the only ‘long-necked Gerenuk’ East African.

Boni National Reserve

The Boni National Reserve is a national reserve for conservation and lies in the Garissa County, Kenya. It represent some of the most varied of ecosystems and provide a refuge for endangered mammals like the elephant, hirola and the wild dog, rare species found nowhere else in the world and hundreds of flora and fauna that are still yet to be described.


Common herbivores in the region include hippopotamus, bush pig, warthog, buffalo, common duiker, topi and waterbuck. Common carnivores in the reserve are the vulnerable African Wild Dog and the aardwolf. Although extremely rare, African elephants are also present in the reserve.

Bour – Algy Giraffe Sanctuary

The Garissa Sanctuary giraffe is hosted by Bour-Algy village, south of Garissa town and was set to host internally displaced giraffe that had been affected by the Kenya/Somali border skirmishes.

Arawale National Reserve

The Arawale National Reserve is a designated conservation area managed by the Garissa County in assistance with the Kenya Wildlife Service.

In 1974, the reserve was gazetted as the only in-situ conservation site for the critically endangered Hirola population endemic to north-eastern Kenya and south-west Somalia.


The reserve is a critical refuge for a range of wildlife species including four globally threatened species: Hirola, Gravy Zebra, African Wild Dog and Cheetah. A study commissioned by Terra Nuova in 2006 also showed signs of presence of the African Elephant.

The reserve’s main asset is the hirola or Hunter’s hartebeest (‘Beatragus hunteri’), a slender ungulate with lyre-shaped horns which is called the ‘four-eyed antelope’ for its visible preorbital glands.

Prominent Personalities in Garissa County

These are the major economic activities in Garissa County
1. Yusuf haji
2. Nathif Jama
3. Ali Korane

Accommodation Facilities in Garissa County

These are the notable hotels, motels and accommodation facilities in Garissa County
1. Nomad Palace Hotel
2. Halugo Palace Hotel
3. Almond Resort
4. Lantern Resort

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