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Listed below is the full list of Isiolo County Governors, Deputy Governors, Senators, County Women Representatives in the National Assembly, MCAs in the Isiolo County Assembly from the year 2013 when devolution came into place in Kenya.

The table below gives the fine details of this County.

Isiolo County (County Code 011)

Isiolo County Governors since 2013

Isiolo County Governor

2017 – 2022


Governor: Dr Mohammed Abdi Kuti

(Party: Independent Candidate )
Deputy Governor: Dr. Abdi Ibrahim isaa

Isiolo Town Town,
Isiolo County,

Isiolo County Kenya

2013 – 2017

Governor: Godana Adhi Doyo

(Party: URP in Jubilee Coalition)
Deputy Governor: Mohamed Guleid

Isiolo County Senators since 2013

Isiolo County Senator

2017 – 2022

Senator: Dullo Fatuma Adan

(Party: PDR Party)

2013 – 2017

Senator: Mohammed Kuti

Party: URP in Jubilee Coalition

Isiolo County Women Representatives since 2013

Isiolo County Women Representative

2017 – 2022

Women Representative: Rehema Dida Jaldesa

(Party: Jubilee)

2013 – 2017

Women Representative: Tiyah Galgalo Ali

Party: TNA in Jubilee Alliance

Counties bordering Isiolo County

These are the counties that boarder Isiolo County
1. Garissa County 007
2. Wajir County 008
3. Marsabit County 010
4. Samburu County 025
5. Meru County 012
6. Tana River County 004

Constituencies in Isiolo County

These are the constituencies that are located within Isiolo County
1. Isiolo North Constituency
2. Isiolo South Constituency

Wards in Isiolo County

These are the wards that are in Isiolo County
Isiolo North Constituency

1. Wabera
2. Bulla Pesa
3. Chari
4. Cherab
5. Ngare Mara
6. Burat
7. Oldo/Nyiro

Isiolo South

1. Garba Tulla
2. Kina
3. Sericho

Economic Activities in Isiolo County

These are the major economic activities in Isiolo County
The Ameru community in the area practice agriculture and livestock keeping in small scale and this makes their lifestyle different from the other communities. They mainly grow vegetables like cabbages, tomatoes and carrots that they sell in Isiolo and Nanyuki town. Livestock keeping is practiced widely especially in Kinna and around Lorian Swamp where pasture and water is more available.

The livestock products are consumed within Isiolo town and the rest supplied to major towns like Nairobi. The Kenya Meat Commission is a major buyer of livestock from the farmers. Borana and Turkana women participate in jewelry making, crafting jewelry that they in turn sell to tourists who visit the town.

Past historical injustices and poor infrastructure that have hindered growth and development in this county will soon be a thing of the past as the current government works hard to elevate the county by improving education, infrastructure and general standards of living for the people of Isiolo County who live in abject poverty.

The county has five conservation areas with many animal species, which attract both local and international tourists. Tourist attraction sites include: Lewa Downs, Buffalo Springs, Shaba, and Bisanadi game reserves.

Isiolo is best known for its abundant wildlife and spectacular landscapes. From the big five to the Maasai Ostriches, Isiolo has it all. The best places to see these animals is Buffalo Springs and the famous Shaba national reserve.

These places are teaming with wildlife and offer visitors opportunity to see nature at its best as all animals struggle to survive in their natural habitat.

Prominent Personalities in Isiolo County

These are the major economic activities in Isiolo County
1. Dr Mohammed Abdi Kuti
2. Rehema Dida Jaldesa
3. Tiyah Galgalo Ali

Accommodation Facilities in Isiolo County

These are the notable hotels, motels and accommodation facilities in Isiolo County
1. Shamz Hotel
2. Grande Hotel
3. Isiolo Bomen Hotel Ltd
4. Northern Galaxy Hotel
5. Pastoral Center
6. Josera Guest House

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