‘UHURU’ falls down in front of guests but never reported! See what his bodyguards did – VIDEO

‘UHURU’ falls down in front of guests but never reported! See what his bodyguards did – VIDEO

President Uhuru Kenyatta was embarrassed at Safari Park yesterday after his portrait refused to hang onto a wall at the plush hotel in a UN meeting on anti-corruption.

Minutes before he walked into the global conference on graft, Uhuru’s portrait came down and fell right before the guests to their utter surprise.

Efforts by Uhuru’s bodyguards and security personnel to go up the ladder to stick the portrait on the wall proved disastrous and the portrait came down again, this time almost injuring the delegates.

The dramatic incident left delegates in disbelief but some superstitious Kenyans are already reading too much into it.

According to some crazy Kenyans, the fall of Uhuru’s portrait could signify his down fall in 2017 because it is not usual that such a portrait will refuse to stick onto a wall twice, especially on such an occasion where everything has been done with precision and to near perfection. Or it is possible that he is not anti-corruption after all because that was the main theme of the conference

Here is the video that you never got to see;-



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