Life is so cruel! See what has happened to JANET MBUGUA’s husband after their wedding.

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The husband to Citizen TV anchor, Janet Mbugua, Eddie Ndichu, is going through one of the toughest times in his life months after their much hyped wedding.

Apparently, Eddie is currently jobless after he was shown the door at Standard Chartered bank, where he was the Head of Digital banking.Life is so cruel! See what has happened to JANET MBUGUA’s husband after their wedding.

Trouble began when a local telecommunication company approached him with a better package when he was on a paternity leave. Eddie was supposed to join the telecommunication company after finishing his paternity leave.

However, he didn’t inform his former employer that he had received a better deal elsewhere.

When his former employer asked him why he hadn’t reported to work yet his paternity leave was over, Eddie lied that he was sick but the reality was that he had a better deal elsewhere.

But as fate would have it, the deal with the telecommunication company didn’t materialize.

To make matters worse, somebody informed his former employer that he had signed a deal with a new company without their consent. By doing this, he had breached his employment contract.

He tried persuading his former employer to give him a second chance but he was shown the door.

Eddie is currently jobless due to his greed.

Sources intimate that this is not the first time this is happening because he also left his previous employer without notice.