JULIANI kicked out of his house after going broke, has BRENDA “eaten” all his money?

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Talented Kenyan rapper, Julius Owino, who is popularly known as, Juliani, has been kicked out of his apartment located in one of the leafy suburbs of Nairobi for failing to pay rent.

According to well placed sources, Juliani has not paid rent for months and that’s why his landlord decided to chase him like a stray dog. He has been playing cat and mouse games with his landlord but last week, the landlord “raided” his apartment with auctioneers who took away his household items.JULIANI kicked out of his house after going broke, has BRENDA “eaten” all his money?

He was then kicked out of the house and is currently living with one of his close friends.

Juliani is financing Brenda Wairimu’s expensive lifestyle and this is what has seen him go broke.

He never gets shows like before and his songs are nowhere near local charts.

But despite his deep financial problems, he doesn’t want Brenda to dump him for going broke and that’s why he is trying his best to please her to the extent of emptying his bank account.

Juliani has a baby with Brenda Wairimu but they don’t live together.

Perhaps whoever said that you should never mess with yellow yellow ladies was right.