KU, Kenyatta University Courses – List of all Schools and Departments

Kenyatta University Courses in all the Schools i.e. Architecture, Public Health, Hospitality & Tourism, Medicine, Engineering and Technology, Economics, Business, Education, Law etc

Kenyatta University School of Architecture and The Built Environment

Department of Architecture and interior design

Department of Spatial Planning and Urban Management

Department of Construction and Real estate Management

Kenyatta University School of Public Health

Department of Community Health

Department of Health Management & Informatics

Department of Environmental Health

Kenyatta University Courses - Architecture, Public Health, Hospitality & Tourism, Medicine, Engineering and Technology, Economics, Business, Education, Law
Kenyatta University Courses

Kenyatta University School of Security, Diplomacy and Peace Studies

  1. Department of Conflict, Peace and Strategic Studies
  2. Department of Security and Correction Science
  3. Department of Diplomacy and International Relations

Kenyatta University School of Creative Arts, Film & Media Studies

  1. Department of Communication & Media Studies
  2. Department of Film and Theatre Arts

Kenyatta University School of Visual And Performing Arts

  1. Department of Theatre Arts and Film Technology
  2. Department of Music and Dance
  3. Department of Fine Art and Design

Kenyatta University School of Pure And Applied Sciences

  1. Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology
  2. Department of Chemistry
  3. Department of Mathematics
  4. Department of Plant Sciences
  5. Department of Zoological Sciences
  6. Department of Physics
  7. Department of Microbiology
  8. Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science

Kenyatta University School of Law

Kenyatta University School - Architecture, Public Health, Hospitality & Tourism, Medicine, Engineering and Technology, Economics, Business, Education, Law
Kenyatta University School
  1. Department of Public Law
  2. Department of Private Law

Kenyatta University School of Hospitality & Tourism

  1. Department of Hospitality Management
  2. Department of Tourism Management

Kenyatta University School of Humanities & Social Sciences

  1. Department of English
  2. Department of Foreign Languages
  3. Department of Geography
  4. Department of Gender & Development Studies
  5. Department of History, Archeology & Political Studies
  6. Idara ya Kiswahili na Lugha za Kiafrika
  7. Department of Literature
  8. Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
  9. Department of Psychology
  10. Department of Sociology
  11. Department of Public Policy and Administration (PPA)

Kenyatta University School of Medicine

  1. Department of Human Anatomy
  2. Department of Nursing Sciences
  3. Department of Pathology
  4. Department of Medical Physiology
  5. Department of Pharmacy & Complementary/Alternative Medicine
  6. Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences
  7. Department of Paediatrics and Child Health
  8. Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  9. Department of Medicine, Therapeutics Psychiatry and Dermatology
  10. Department of Surgery and Orthopaedic

Kenyatta University School of Environmental Studies

  1. Department of Environmental Planning and Management
  2. Department of Environmental Science
  3. Department of Environmental Studies and Community Development
  4. Department of Environmental Education

Kenyatta University School of Engineering And Technology

  1. Department of Computing & Information Technology
  2. Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
  3. Department of Energy Engineering
  4. Department of Civil Engineering
  5. Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Kenyatta University School of Education

  1. Department of Educational Psychology
  2. Department of Educational Management Policy & Curriculum Studies
  3. Department of Educational Communication & Technology
  4. Department of Educational Foundations
  5. Department of Library & Information Science
  6. Department of Early Childhood Studies
  7. Department of Special Needs Education

Kenyatta University School of Business

  1. Department of Business Administration
  2. Department of Management Science
  3. Department of Accounting and Finance

Kenyatta University School of Economics

  1. Department of Applied Economics
  2. Department of Econometrics & Statistics
  3. Department of Economic Theory

Kenyatta University School of Agriculture And Enterprise Development

  1. Department of Agricultural Resources Management (ARM)
  2. Department of Agribusiness Management and Trade (AMT)
  3. Department of Agricultural Sciences and Technology

Kenyatta University School of Applied Human Sciences

  1. Department of Fashion, Design & Marketing
  2. Department of Community Resource Management and Extension
  3. Department of Physical and Health Education
  4. Department of Foods, Nutrition & Dietetics
  5. Department of Recreation Management & Exercise Science

Kenyatta University Graduate School

Graduate School programmes at Kenyatta University have continued to grow with time, and now cover some of the most demand-driven courses in this country.

Historically it is a leader in Education in the region and most of the Research in Curricular, Education Planning and Education Administration in the country have been through Kenyatta University.

Presently the university has several schools with formidable postgraduate research teams in several disciplines such as Pure and Applied Sciences, Engineering, Business, Humanities, Law, Agriculture, Medicine, Environmental Studies, Visual and Performing Art, Economics, Applied Human Sciences, Hospitality and Tourism Management, and Health Sciences.

The University recently inaugurated a centre for Innovations and Incubation which is set to complement the National Strategy for Vision 2030.  With well-equipped laboratories and several well-trained Professors including one of the few laboratories in the country for genetic transformation, Kenyatta University is the best University in the region for postgraduate work. The University has well-monitored programmes to ensure timely completion of postgraduate work and a very well planned and certified Quality Assurance Programme.

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