Adan Mohamed Nooru – Biography, MP Mandera North Constituency, Mandera County, Wife, Family, Children, Age, Wealth

Adan Mohamed Nooru – Profile, MP Mandera North Constituency, Mandera County, Education, Children, Son, Daughter, Contacts, Life History, Business, Wealth, Video

Adan Mohamed Nooru Profile

Adan Mohamed Nooru was born in Mandera County, Kenya. He is the Member of Parliament for Mandera North Constituency in Mandera County. Previously he has been a Member of Parliament for Mandera Central Constituency from 1983 to 1992 on a KANU ticket during the One-party system. Then from 1992 until 2002 still on a KANU ticket.

In 2002 he was defeated by Adan Kerrow Billow on a KANU ticket and in 2007 he was defeated by Abdikadir Hussein Mohamed on a Safina Party ticket.

Adan Mohamed Nooru won the 2013 parliamentary elections on a URP ticket in the Jubilee Alliance.

He was at one time an Assistant Minister in the KANU government.


Adan Mohamed Nooru has been the Chairperson of Departmental Committee on Agriculture, Livestock and Co-operatives has also been the Member of Public Investments Committee since March 2013.

Adan Mohamed Nooru is a holder of the award of Member of Burning Spear, MBS.

Mr Adan Mohamed Nooru (Mandera North URP) and Prime Minister Raila Odinga brother Oburu Oginga (nominated ODM) are the senior most politicians in the new Parliament being on a fifth term.Adan Mohamed Nooru - Biography, MP Mandera North Constituency, Mandera County, Wife, Family, Wealth, Bio, Profile, Education, children, Son, Daughter, Age, Political Career, Business, Video, Photo

Adan Mohamed Noor accused of Land grabbing in Mandera

Adan Mohamed Nooru had served the Mandera central constituency for 20 years. He was first elected in 1983. He served from 1983 to 2002 as the Mandera Central MP. During those twenty years, he and his cronies including Abdulqadir Chito, and  began selling Gharri land to the highest bidder between the Murale and Degodia. From 1984 through 1988, they sold

  • Waran Qar,
  • Lafe,
  • Gari, and
  • Dhamasa to the Murale.

Also, from 1988 through 1992, they sold

  • Rhamo,
  • Olo,
  • Ashabito,
  • Yabicho, and
  • Gutich to the Degodia.

From 1992 to 1997 they sold

  • Wargadud, and
  • El Wak town to the Murale.

Subsequently, they fenced off a large portion of land around Mandera and denied the Gharri burial rights in Mandera town, and reserved it to be sold to the highest bidder in the near future.

It took 20 years for the Mandera Central Constituents to wake up and remove Adan Mohamed Nooru from his thrown in a 2002 general election. El Wak and Wargadud were reclaimed later by its owners.

Since then, Adan Mohamed Nooru has been fighting against the Gharri people. This is the man who stood with Barre Hiiralle, a Marehan land grabber, against the Gharri people, and sided with the Degodia fighting against the Gharri people and their interests. This is the man who signed off Butte as the ancestral land of Adjuran.

Adan Mohamed Nooru is the same man who signed documents and requested large portions of the Gharri land to be given for the Degodia people when he was assistant Minister.


Adan Mohamed Nooru Contacts


Telephone: 0722526373

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