Reasons why TAJ Shopping Mall (Airgate Center) in Embakasi must be demolished

Reasons why TAJ Mall in Embakasi must be demolished

When Ultra modern, Taj Mall (Now renamed Airgate Center), was being constructed, everybody was asking how comes this structure is being constructed on top of the pipeline supplying fuel to JKIA.

Taj Mall - TAJ Shopping Mall, Embakasi, Outer Ring Road, Construction, Pipeline, Chinese, demolished, billions, shillings, Court case, dismissed
Taj Mall – TAJ Shopping Mall, Embakasi, Outer Ring Road

Also along Outering Road from the Dohnholm intersection to the Eastern by-pass The Taj Shopping Mall is the only structure constructed on top of the road reserve. It is something that even a class 2 kid can tell that it is on grabbed land.

Location of of Taj Mall on the map
Location of of Taj Shopping Mall on the map

During the construction of Outering Road this illegal structure was conspicuously left standing at the very area where an ultra-modern overpass was to be constructed. But thanks to Taj Mall, the road constructed there is a national shame.

Another illegal structure that needs to be pulled down immediately is the Naivas Eastgate at the famous Donholm Roundabout. From the photo map below you can tell there is something fishy about the road structure – The clover is not complete, thanks to The Naivas Eastgate building.

Location of Naivas Eastgate on the map
Location of Naivas Eastgate on the map

Taj Mall has served as a great destination for business for a long time and constantly referred to as the pride of Embakasi. The Mall which boasts of an average of 25,000 shoppers per day, is now facing the most damning outcome of all being demolition.

The National Land Commission has revoked the tittle deed for Taj Mall the shopping complex which is located in Embakasi. KURA has been given the go a head to bring the multi-million shillings building down.

It’s a sad day for the shoppers especially those who hail from the surroundings who comprise mostly of middle class population who have niches in Nyayo Estate, Kenya Pipeline and Embakasi. Taj Mall is a grand establishment that is 350,000 square feet making the mall pride of Embakasi, it has houses over thirty outlets.

Just to mention a few outlets that will no longer be of service after the demolition includes such as boutiques, jewelry shops, coffee shops, beauty salons, ice-cream parlor, baby clothing shop, forex bureau, banks such as Consolidated Bank, Chase Bank, NIC Bank, Equity Bank and ATMs for I&M Bank and Eco Bank.

Moreover, there is Mater hospital at the Taj Mall offering the neighboring community value added services.