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Lawrence Owandeh Biography, Girlfriend, Cheryl Kitonga

Cheryl Kitonga has been going about her business quietly without her boyfriend having a clue. She was exposed by Mohammed Ali through his Jicho Pevu expose revealing that Cheryl had a boyfriend by the name Lawrence Owandeh.

Lawrence Owandeh discovered through Jicho pevu, a TV expose on KTN by Mohammed Ali that the woman he called ‘bae’ was  actually sleeping around with rich men like Jacob Juma. Kenyans being Kenyans they roasted the Lawrence Owandeh and Cheryl Kitonga badly till Cheryl decided to un-publish her Facebook profile but this afternoon her man has finally decided to talk about the whole saga and this is what he had to say ‘I don’t know why people are so hard on me yet all people do make mistakes’

Well, there you have it, no human is a saint. He is alright!

Lawrence Owandeh thought that Cheryl Kitonga was only his, but shock on him, Cheryl had a sponsor.


It was alleged that on the night that Jacob Juma was murdered, Cheryl Kitonga was dropped in the Nairobi City Center by Jacob Juma as headed for his Karen Home.

Jacob Juma later on was found murdered at 10pm near Lenana School. His bullet-riddled vehicle was found in a ditch. The vehicle had 10 bullet holes. Police said nothing was stolen from the businessman as two mobile phones and cash were found in the vehicle.

The police are keenly following up the conversation between the slain businessman and Cheryl. They are scrutinizing the Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, SMS and phone calls between Cheryl Kitonga and Slain businessman Jacob Juma so as to see if she is one of the ladies who was the mastermind, coverup girl or a decoy for the assassins.

However there are other people who have been rumoured to have been suspected to be the masterminds of the murder. They include Deputy President William Ruto, Bryan Yongo and Zadock Angira.

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