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Kobi Kihara Biography

Kobi Kihara was born in February 1982 in Lang’ata, Nairobi. She is currently studying at  Parson school of design in New York City the reason why she let NTV as a presenter.

From childhood to age 14 Kobi’s family lived in Kenya but at age 15 they moved to Washington DC, USA. Kobi is the youngest of five children, one boy, and four girls. Her parents were in and out of the country all the time, and when she was 15, they decided to move from Kenya to Washington DC in the US to keep the family together.

Kobi Kihara Education Background

Kobi Kihara went to High School in America, University in England, did my photography in Paris, my Masters in Canada.

In Washington DC she enrolled in a Private International High School.

Her love for arts and photography saw her take off to Newcastle University in the UK. In 2004, I went back to school full time in Toronto to do my master’s in film and TV production.

Kobi Kihara Job History

Kobi Kihara started her work after landing acting roles in three small films, two shot in the US and one in the UK.

After that during her studies, she would attend lessons in the morning and act as a bartender in the evening in Canada.


After graduation, she volunteered with the Smithsonian Kaplan Institute and the Kennedy Centre where she did freelance photography. The income was not enough to sustain her there.

Later she landed a temporary job with the International Organisation for Migration in the US, assisting with overseeing the Iraqi elections. After three months the job was over and she became broke again.

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Kobi Kihara’s Mother and Sister

In 2006, While still in Washington DC, Tom Mshindi of KTN contacted her about a producer position in the Media House. She traveled back in Kenya. She was accompanied by her mother on the journey. They were staying with two of her sisters who were already living in Kenya. Unfortunately, she did not get the job but she did not go back to Washington. She chose to remain and stay in Kenya.

Kobi Kihara formed a production company in 2006  called With An Eye Productions, that produces TV shows and conceptualizes programming for different shows across Africa.

Kobi Kihara’s big break came through her photography when her friend introduced her to the management at the Windsor Golf and Country Club to do photography for their property.

Then she later got work with UNDP and from there, jobs just started coming in.

With things finally falling into place Kobi Kihara received a call from Citizen TV. She didn’t give it much thought, because she had got so used to doors being shut on her. A month later, the station called to offer her a producer position as they were launching breakfast TV. She was employed by Royal Media Services but after a short while she quit and joined Radio Africa’s Kiss FM.

As a news anchor and studio producer at Kiss Radio Africa, her role was to come up with programme ideas for the station.

In 2013, Kobi Kihara joined NTV’s breakfast show AM Live. As the producer she oversees the daily running of the 3 hours 6am to 9am show.

Kobi Kihara son, Boyfriend

Kobi Kihara - Biography, Husband, Boyfriend, Family, Wealth, Profile, Education, Children, Pregnant, Age, Married, Wedding, Brother, Sister, Son, Daughter, Father, Mother, Job history, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Business, Net worth, Video, Photos
Kobi Kihara’s Son

Kobi Kihara has a son who was born in 2008.

Kobi has had several boyfriends mostly after returning to Kenya. There were rumors that she was dating Comedian Eric Omondi.

After the Eric Omondi phase, she disclosed that she has another boyfriend who is a very private person. “I’ve come a long way in my love life and relationships. I was very superficial about the kind of person that I picked. Now the things that I want are companionship, fulfillment, trust, a safe haven and a God-fearing man who is going to love me, and it doesn’t matter in what kind of package they come in. It’s become so hard to date in Kenya.” Kobi Kihara says.

kobi Kihara wedding

Kobi kihara is not married is believed that the hoax wanted to gain through social media but the allegations is false.

kobi Kihara fake lifestyle

Former NTV presenter Kobi Kihara has been a trending topic for the better part her life after Kenyans came out in large numbers to accuse her of Plagiarism.

kobi kihara found her self on mercy of Kenyans online after a hawk-eyed fan noted a photo of a plate of salad she claimed to have prepared was actually copy pasted from google.

kobi kihara posing on a fake photo
kobi kihara posing on a photo
Fake dish that kobi kihara claimed to have prepared

Kobi Kihara Video

Kobi Kihara Contacts

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kobikihara/
Linkedin: https://ke.linkedin.com/in/kobi-kihara-2b072a78

Kobi Kihara Twitter Account


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