KTN’s Kevin Mwangi AKA Shaniqwa Caught Kissing horribly Mombasa based Socialite Stella Charles In Public

KTN’s Kevin Mwangi AKA Shaniqwa Caught Kissing horribly in Public

She’s the star of the popular political parody show Jameni that airs on KTN. She’s known as the feisty,ill-tempered,no- nonsense woman that whips up a storm anytime things don’t go her way. And in most cases,they don’t.

She’s also very hilarious and renown for some of the wittiest comedic punchlines.

Now, over the weekend, Shaniqwa, real name, Kevin Mwangi, was at the Coastal City of Mombasa for the much-hyped Amsha Mama Festival that went down at the Nyali Beach.

Shaniqwa was one of the star attractions in the event that was created and organized by Joe Kariuki or Candy Records.


And after a long day at work,making attendees laugh themselves lame on stage, Shaniqwa had to unwind. And she does know how to unwind.

Still dressed in her Shaniqwa character costume, wig and all, Kevin Mwangi forgot his manners and took one too many. And because he’s a star, beloved and adored by many, there wasn’t a shortage of girls at his disposal.

Shaniqwa had a fantastic time off stage, surrounded by a bevy of sexy girls from all corners, and it seems, groupies are her thing.

Caught up in the moment, Shaniqwa would lose herself in the warm arms of notorious Mombasa-based Fashion Blogger-cum-Socilaite Stella Charles, a girl more renown for her Dolly Parton bust, Naomi Campbell hair and Daphne Joy figure.

And before long, the two would start partying the night away and holding each other sensually.

The sexual attraction proved to be too much and later, Shaniqwa and Stella Charles completely lost themselves in the moment and started kissing passionately in public, in the full glare of cameras and other party goers.

Clearly, someone seems to have thoroughly enjoyed her/his Coastal trip. And we all know who.

But these pictures, however, are the grossest kissing pics we’ve seen in a long time. Looks like a lesbian gangbang about to happen. Yuck.

Shaniqwa Caught Kissing
Shaniqwa Caught Kissing


Shaniqwa Caught Kissing
Shaniqwa Caught Kissing

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