Kabando wa Kabando – Profile, MP Mukurweini Constituency, Nyeri County, Education, Age, Children, Son, Daughter, Contacts, Life History, Net worth, Wealth, Video

Kabando wa Kabando – Biography, MP Mukurweini, Nyeri, Wife, Family, Wealth

Kabando wa Kabando was born in August 1967 in Mukurweini, Nyeri County in Kenya. In 11th October, 2002 Kabando wa Kabando changed his name from Godfrey Kariuki Mwangi to Kabando wa Kabando.

Kabando wa Kabando has been the Member of Parliament for Mukurweini Constituency in Nyeri County since 2007. In 2007 he became the MP on a SAFINA party ticket and in 2013 he vied on The National Alliance (TNA) party in the Jubilee Coalition.

Kabando wa Kabando predecessors to the same seat are;

1969 – 1974 was Mwai M. Koigi on a KANU party ticket
1974 -1979 was Henry Clement Wariithi on a KANU party ticket
1979 – 1983 was Henry Clement Wariithi on a KANU party ticket
1983 -1992 was Ngumbu Njururi Maiyani on a KANU party ticket
1992 – 2002 was David Muhika Mutahii on a Democratic party ticket
2002 -2007 was Mutahi Kagwe on a NARC party ticket


In the National Assembly Kabando wa Kabando is a member of Departmental Committee on Agriculture, Livestock and Co-operatives

Kabando wa Kabando has spoken 734 times in Parliament since 2007

Kabando wa Kabando Education Background

Kabando wa Kabando joined Form One at Ololoserian High School in Kajiado and later joined the University of Nairobi as an undergraduate Student pursuing BA (Political science) from 1990 – 1993.

From 1999 – 2001 he was a Graduate Student at State University of New York pursuing MA (public policy and management).

Kabando wa Kabando job History

From 2003 – 2007, Kabando wa Kabando was the Chairman of Nairobi Water Sewerage Company and also the Managing Director of Kenya association of hotel keepers and caterers.

From 2008 – September 2012 he was the Assistant Minister of Youth Affairs in the Coalition Government.

Kabando wa Kabando changes name from Godfrey Kariuki Mwangi

In 11th October, 2002 Kabando wa Kabando changed his name from Godfrey Kariuki Mwangi to Kabando wa Kabando.

This is the explanation he gave as the reason for changing his name;

“During my younger life, many high schools were sponsored by major religious organisations like the Catholic Church and the Presbyterian mission,” Kabando explains.

“There was a rule that you have to be baptised with an English name for you to be admitted in one of these schools, hence I adopted the name Godfrey because of the worry that I might pass and miss a chance.”

But even after taking up Godfrey, he referred to himself as GKM Kabando when he joined Form One at Ololoserian High School in Kajiado since he never believed the first three names were his. For these reasons, many of his classmates referred to him as Kabando.

“That was a rebellion against unfair conventions at an early age because these colonial prejudices compelled Africans to do what our colonial masters didn’t do,” Kabando explains. “Foreigners don’t change their names when they come to Africa, but some expect us to change ours.”

“My name helped me defray the tribal card when I campaigned and won the Sonu chairmanship in 1992 since I couldn’t be associated with any ethnic or political party grouping,” Kabando recalls. “But it also became a setback for me when I vied for a seat in Parliament in 1997 because some Mukurweini voters thought I was an alien.”

Kabando wa Kabando mother killed by his last born brother

In July 2014, Rose Wachera  aged 70, was hacked to death by her last born son at Ngamwa village in Mukurweini. She was the mother of Mukurweini MP Kabando wa Kabando.

Kabando wa Kabando’s youngest brother, Caesar Thiari who is not yet married, beheaded his mother with a sharp panga. His mother was preparing beans for lunch when her son, with whom she was taking tea, set upon her with the panga. Neighbours said Thiari was thought to have smoked bhang.

He first slashed his mother with the panga as she tried to escape to safety. But she succumbed to the injuries and staggered to the ground, with Thiari raining more panga blows on her back.

After she fell in a heap, Thiari went on hacking away until a small shred of skin was the only tissue connecting her neck to the body. She was found dead about 30 metres from the point of first blow.

When he realised his mother was dead, Thiari panicked and started running away from the scene. But quick and public-spirited neighbours who rushed to the scene when they heard Wachera screaming for help caught up with him, made a citizens’ arrest and called the police.

The 40-year-old Thiari was said to have been referred to many rehabilitation homes over the years.

Kabando wa Kabando Video

Kabando wa Kabando Contacts

Post: Parliament Buildings, Parliament Rd. P.O Box 41842 – 00100 Nairobi, Kenya
Post: P. O. Box 11882-00100 Nairobi
Email: mukurweini@parliament.co.ke, kkabando@gmail.com, wakabando@hotmail.com
Telephone: 0722 898 513, (020) 317219
Twitter Handle: @wakabando

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