Web Design for Schools in Kenya – Free Web Hosting and SEO

Web Design for Schools in Kenya – Free Web Hosting and SEO

Kenyanlife.com gives all schools in Kenya a very salivating offer of free Web Design. Websites for schools are very important especially for communicating the very essential information about the school like contacts, exam results for students, communication to parents and general public, fee structures etc.

In 2016 the Education CS Dr. Fred Matiang’i challenged all school heads in Kenya to acquire websites for their respective schools. This call from the CS should be taken with the seriousness it deserves because the benefits far out-weighs the cost implications.

The glaring fact is that many schools desire to have websites but the recurrent website budget and its maintenance becomes a challenge and a burden.

Also nowadays in this digital age, you do not need to physically move from your school office to any office to have your website designed. Everything today is accomplished online. Just upload the details that we have asked for and leave everything else to us.

Kenyanlife.com wishes to shoulder this burden on behalf of the schools.

We will design and host the websites at ONLY Ksh. 5000. This Ksh. 5000 will be a one-off payment i.e. the school WILL NOT be asked for any other payment forever thereafter by Kenyanlife.com and the websites will be online forever.

The Ksh. 5000 will cater form the domain name registration and hosting package. There are .ac.ke and .sc.ke domain names that are recommended for schools and academic institutions. However they require additional information to have them registered and therefore take longer to design.


Most Recommended: Therefore, if you do not want the .ac.ke and .sc.ke domain names, we can easily and therefore very fast design you a website using the .com domain name. (No certificates are required)

However, schools that may want us to acquire for them the domain names (.ac.ke and .sc.ke) from Kenic, will need to scan for us the following documents for verification by KENIC (Kenya Network Information Centre). These are KENIC requirements

KENIC will require either

    1. A copy of the Certificate of Registration from the relevant Ministry,
    2. A copy of the College Charter or a copy of the Act of Parliament that was passed to establish the Institute.

The documents MUST bear the name of the Entity. The document should classify the Entity as a Tertiary Institution: Polytechnic, Technical Institute, College or University.

KENIC will require

  1. A copy of the Certificate of Registration from the Ministry of Education.

The document MUST also bear the name of the Entity. The document should classify the Entity as a Kindergarten, Primary or Secondary School.

All domains that require supporting documents will generate a ticket that will only be closed by the KENIC Registry Services once the Supporting Documents have been received. Only when the Ticket is closed will the domain be published.

If you have a preferred domain name, you can give it us through the form below. If you don’t have, we will choose it for you. We will use our experience in choosing for you the best domain name available that will suit your school’s status and prestige.

The main condition for enjoying our perpetual free hosting and initial web design is to allow us to place our 1(one) advert in the website on the top section. Example of the ad placement is shown in the image below.

Web Design for Schools in Kenya - Free Web Hosting and SEO
Web Design for Schools in Kenya – Free Web Hosting and SEO

The website will be designed using the superior WordPress CMS Platform. The website will initially be search engine optimised and also be installed with a Search Engine optimisation component to help the website to rank in Google search results after other posts and pages are added later by you.

The requirements we need to fully design the website are:

      1. Ksh. 5000 to be paid in full upfront before the designing begins
      2. School Logo
      3. School theme colour (Upload a picture with the preferred theme colour esp. the colour of school uniform)
      4. About us Story, School History
      5. Contacts
      6. Photos for the gallery
      7. Fee Structure etc
      8. Mission, Vision & Core Values
      9. School Motto
      10. School Clubs and Societies
      11. Any other message you may want to communicate

Make sure the above information is fully captured in the Word Document or PDF because the information that is contained in the document that you will upload is the ONLY information that will be used to design the website.

After the web design is complete and you want to make an update, you will be provided with a dashboard through which you can make any changes or additions that you want. (The tutorial for this will be provided after we finish the design.)

Payment Methods

To pay the Ksh. 5000, you can either

  1. Deposit via Mpesa to 0720107192 (Laban Thua Gachie) or
  2. Deposit cash or cheque to Equity Bank (Our Branch is Mama Ngina Branch, Nairobi)
    A/C Number: 0150194849783
    A/C Name: Laban Thua Gachie
    (Scan or take a photo of that bank deposit slip then upload it in the form below)

Fill the online form with this information and your site will be designed within 1 week

Kenya Schools Web Design Application Form

School Location

School Contacts