Online Advertising, Listing and Profiles for Schools and Colleges in Kenya gives all schools in Kenya a very noble offer for Web Advertising and Listing for Schools and Colleges in Kenya. Online presence for schools is very important especially for communicating the very essential information about the school like contacts, exam results for students, communication to the general public, fee structures etc.

The glaring fact is that many schools desire to have websites but the recurrent website budget and its maintenance become a challenge and a burden.

Also, many school administrators would wish to display their success, both academically and in extra-curricula activities to the public but find it mind-boggling and stressful.

The reason why you are viewing this page is that we at have a School Profile Page with some information about your school. We have worked extra harder and made this School Profile Page ranks first, second or third in the Google and other search engines search results.


This Profile Page we have about your school is viewed by everyone who searches for any information about your school online.

We would like you to take advantage of this opportunity to supply us with the information you may want to be updated on that School Profile Page so that the when the general public searches for any information about your school, they can get it all in one place.

You may want to

  1. Put your current contacts e.g Phone Number, Email Address, P.O. Box, Physical location etc
  2. School registration and admission procedures
  3. Fees Structure and Bank Account
  4. Opening, Midterm and closing dates
  5. Exam results and performance
  6. Courses offered
  7. Extracurricular performance and achievements
  8. Any other general information of your choice

Nowadays, in this digital age, you do not need to physically move from your school office to any office to have your details captured. Everything today is accomplished online. Just upload the details that you want to be updated and leave everything else to us. You can upload a PDF, MS Word document or Photos with that information. wishes to shoulder this burden on behalf of the schools.

We will receive the information and make those updates on your School Profile Page on our website. Each update will cost you Ksh. 1000.

If your school is not yet listed with and you would like us to design your School Profile Page, just email your information to us. This designing will cost you Ksh. 1000.

You will be required to acknowledge that you are the person authorized to handle the school’s information. Any person requesting the School Profile Page update on our website through impersonation will be prosecuted in accordance with the law. The Mpesa No. that pays for the service will be used to trace the culprit.

Send us an email with the required information and we will initiate the School Profile Page update once the information is submitted and payment is done. The Service Level Agreement (SLA) is 2 (two) working weekdays.