Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Data Entry Clerks

Having chosen to be work part-time for, below are the Requirements, Rules and Regulations and Terms of Service as per the requirements of this job.

In this job, you are only required to fill online forms with the correct, accurate and verifiable information as requested in the form located here Schools Registration Form

The more forms you fill the more you earn. But for efficiency and quality purposes, the average number of forms filled per day should be around 50 forms and 250 forms per week.

To manage to do this work, you will need to have a Laptop or a desktop computer with internet connection.


The best way to manage the internet cost is to organise the information offline on a notepad, like information for 50 schools then when you switch on the internet connection you will just post ‘marathon’ in the form.

The work will only have one parts

You will be paid Ksh. 5 for filling each form. It requires you to fill the following details (Filled with information from the TSC website

  1. Name of School – Provided in the TSC form
  2. Level of Education – Provided in the TSC form
  3. School Ownership (All Schools in TSC Website are Public) – Provided in the TSC form
  4. If it is a Public Secondary School, Choose Classification (Search for this classification online)
  5. Physical Location (Write Division e.g “Located in Umoja Division”) – Provided in the TSC form
  6. Town (Pick the town from the P.O. Box) – Provided in the TSC form
  7. Constituency (Sub county) – Provided in the TSC form. You can still confirm the same when you search for the postal code in
  8. County – Provided in the TSC form
  9. Postal Address (Fill only the “P.O. Box XXXXXX” without code and Town) – Provided in the TSC form
  10. Postal Code (Fill only the Code e.g “00100” – Search online for the code of the Town. Go to and click on ‘Locate Office’.
  11. Upload a Photo of the School especially the Sign Board along the Road. (When you do not find such photo online (from google images), kindly upload this ones here.

Very Important

  • Write the name of the School in full. If it is written like this “UNITY S.S or UNITY PRI SCH” in TSC Form, Write it in full like “Unity Secondary School or Unity Primary School”.
  • Correct Grammar, Punctuation, and Sentence construction should be adhered to. e.g
    Do not combine words like “Unity SecondarySchool” it should be “Unity Secondary School”.
  • Always Capitalize the first letter of every word in the school name and Town. E.g “unity secondary school” should be “Unity Secondary School” and the Postal Address should be “P.O. Box” not “p.o. box or P.O. BOX”
  • For schools with a comma take note of the spacing e.g. “Unity Secondary School,Umoja” should be “Unity Secondary School, Umoja”

Any form is that is partially or fully filled incorrectly, it will be rejected and you will need to refill it
again for you to deserve a payment.

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