Mwarika Rika collapses and dies during police recruitment in Kwale

Mwarika Rika collapses and dies during police recruitment in Kwale

23 year old Mwarika Rika collapsed and died on Monday during a police recruitment exercise at Baraza Park in Matuga, Kwale County.

Mwarika Rika, who was among 38 male candidates shortlisted for running, collapsed right at the finish line after taking part in a six-kilometre race.

Police Superintendent Moses Owiti said Mr Mwarika Rika was pronounced dead on arrival at Kwale District Hospital. He said this while confirming the incident.

He added that Mr Rika was among successful candidates as he was in position 14 out of the 38 with only 31 men and four women required.


“The exercise started so well with registration until we took the candidates for running, when the unfortunate incident occurred,” he said.

Mwarika Rika collapses dies police recruitment Kwale
Mwarika Rika collapses dies police recruitment Kwale

Mr Owiti explained that there were 40 competitors, including 38 men, who were supposed to cover six kilometres, and 12 women, who were to cover four kilometres.

the Police Superintendent added that there were no medical examinations done on the candidates before they took part in the exercise. He said the medical examination is normally undertaken after the candidates complete the race and that is why some of the successful candidates are now at the hospital.

Juma Limako, Mwarika Rika’s friend who did not make it to the race said he was with him during the exercise, said he had known him to be a very strong and energetic person. He disclosed that Mr Mwarika Rika was an active member of the scouts movement at Shimba Hills Secondary School, from which they both graduated in 2014.

“I was among friends who were cheering for him from outside because we did not make it to the race. Suddenly, he started slowing down and later on he collapsed,” he said.

The government is in a countrywide campaign to hire 10,000 new police officers as part of its efforts to attain the global standard ratio of one officer for every 400 civilians.

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