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Lulu Hassan Biography

Lulu Hassan full name is Lulu Khadija Hassan. She was born in Mombasa County. Lulu is a host of the Nipashe Wikendi news bulletin in Citizen TV with Kanze Dena. She airs the bulletin in Swahili.

Lulu Hassan Education Background

Lulu Hassan attended  Aga Khan Academy in Mombasa  for her High School Education. She later trained as a cabin crew hostess, human resource manager and ticketing officer at Salrene Travel Operations College.

When she landed a radio job in Mombasa she thought it would be good to have journalism skills. So she went back to school and studied the Communication and Journalism.

Lulu Hassan Job History, Age

Lulu Hassan, hosts Nipashe Wikendi with Kanze Dena in Citizen TV.

Back in 2008, Lulu was a news presenter at Radio Salaam in Mombasa. Interestingly, she used to read news in English and not Swahili.

When she was still a presenter at Radio Salaam in 2008, a KTN cameraman informed her there was crisis at KTN. Two of KTN’s Swahili anchors were going for maternity leave, and they needed someone to step in. The cameraman  asked her to try  her luck. Being a risk taker, she went for a screen test and she was hired.

She later moved to Royal Media Services where she is and anchor till now.


Lulu Hassan Accident

Back in 2010, while working at KTN, Lulu was involved in a terrible road accident. Her left leg was injured, and it is still affected now. The injury keeps her from joining her studio guests in dance, Lulu reveals.

Lulu Hassan Parents, Family

Lulu, who is the first born in a family of three girls, grew up in Mombasa. She is of Kikuyu and Seychelles descent, her mother Mariam Abu had Kikuyu and Seychellois roots as did her father. Lulu’s mother died in 2007 the year that she met her husband.

Her mother left her with a real estate business which I began managing upon her demise.

Lulu Hassan Husband

Lulu is married to Rashid Abdalla. Rashid is a swahili presenter at QTV in The Nation Media Group. Abdalla married Lulu in a ritzy wedding at the coast in 2007. They had met while they were still working at Radio Salaam. Rashid says he had heard her voice on Radio, and he was eager to meet her in person. This was just after Lulu lost her mother, and he was there for her through her grief.

Despite having lived together even before marriage, they claim that they did not get intimate. They only consumated their marriage after their wedding. Rashid says he still has the white cloth that is proof of her virginity on their wedding night. “I had to protect her honor.” Rashid confessed in a previous interview with True Love magazine in June 2015.

Lulu Hassan Children

Lulu and Rashid are blessed with two sons Jibran and Irfan.

Lulu Hassan Video

Lulu Hassan Contacts

Contacts: @LuluHassan

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