Best Schools, ICT Colleges & Universities offering Certificate, Diploma & Higher Diploma in ICT – Information & Communication Technology Course in Kenya

Best ICT Colleges: Certificate & Diploma in ICT – Information & Communication Technology (ICT) course in Kenya

Below here is a list of some of the renown schools, ICT Colleges and Universities offering Certificate and Diploma in ICT – Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Course in Kenya

ICT Colleges & Schools Offering Certificate and Diploma in ICT – Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

  1. Abaad Institute of Technical Training, Mombasa
  2. Africa College of Aviation and Management, Nairobi
  3. African Institute of Experiential Education, Nairobi
  4. African Institute of Research and Development – Eldoret
  5. African Institute of Research and Development Minoki Campus
  6. African Institute of Research and Development Studies Eldoret Town Campus
  7. African Institute of Research and Development Studies, Kericho Town Campus
  8. African Institute of Research and Development Studies, Kisumu City Campus
  9. African Institute of Research and Development Studies, Mombasa City Campus
  10. African Institute of Research and Development Studies, Nairobi City Campus
  11. Alphax College, Eldoret
  12. Apogee institute of professionals training, Nairobi
  13. Arknet Computer College, Kikuyu
  14. Arknet Computer College, Nairobi
  15. Bartek Institute, Kabarnet
  16. Beam International Training Centre Kisii branch
  17. Beam International Training Centre Nairobi branch
  18. Belmont International College, Ongata Rongai
  19. Bondo Teachers Training College, Bondo
  20. Bridge College – Ongata Rongai campus, Ongata Rongai
  21. Bridge College, Nairobi
  22. Bridges Hospitality College, Eldoret
  23. Bumbe Technical Training Institute, Busia
  24. Bushiangala Technical Training Institute, Kakamega
  25. Causeway institute of professional studies, Nairobi
  26. Chania Institute of Management, Thika
  27. Channel Institute, Nairobi
  28. Chemi Systems Training Centre, Kiambu
  29. Coast Institute of Technology, Voi
  30. COFA Institute of Technology, Ongata Rongai
  31. Computer Fundamental Institute, Nairobi
  32. Computrain College, Nairobi
  33. Cornerstone Training Institute, Nairobi
  34. Cyber School Technology Solutions Ltd, Nairobi
  35. Data Networks Institute, Mombasa
  36. Data To Information College, Eldoret
  37. Datamine College, Umoja
  38. Diakonia Institute, Nairobi
  39. Dominion Training Institute, Bungoma
  40. Dynamic Institute of Management and Accountancy DIMA College, Nairobi
  41. East Africa Institute of Certified Studies, Nairobi
  42. East Africa School of Management, Nairobi
  43. Eastern Africa Career And Technical Institute (EACATI), Nairobi
  44. Eastlands College of Technology, Nairobi
  45. Einsight College, Machakos
  46. Eldoret National Polytechnic, Eldoret
  47. Eldoret Professional Accountancy & Computer College, Eldoret
  48. Eldoret Splendid College of Computer Training, Eldoret
  49. Eldoret Technical Training Institute, Eldoret
  50. Eldoret Vision Training Institute of Technology, Eldoret
  51. Elgon view college Kabarnet campus, Kabarnet
  52. Elgon View College, Eldoret (Main Campus)
  53. Elgon View College, Kisii Town Campus, Kisii
  54. Elgon view college, Nyamira campus
  55. Embu College, Embu
  56. Emining Technical Training Institute, Mogotio
  57. Excel Institute of Professionals, Thika
  58. Formax Computer College, Nairobi
  59. Friends College Kaimosi, Tiriki
  60. Friends Commercial College, Suna
  61. Gladpoint College of Business Studies, Kasarani
  62. Global Institute of Business Studies, Athi River
  63. Gusii Institute of Technology, Kisii
  64. High Grade Computer College, Nairobi
  65. High Grades College, Mombasa
  66. Higher Institute of Development Studies, NAIROBI
  67. Holy Ghost Fathers Training Institute, Likoni
  68. IAT Mombasa Campus, Mombasa
  69. IAT Nakuru Campus, Nakuru
  70. IAT Testing Centre, Mombasa, Mombasa
  71. IAT Thika Road, Kasarani
  72. IAT Thika Road Campus, Nairobi
  73. IAT Westlands Campus, Nairobi
  74. IAT Yaya Centre, Yaya Centre
  75. IDIA College of Technology and Development Studies, Siaya
  76. Imenti College, Meru
  77. Institute of Advanced Technology IAT, Nairobi
  78. Institute of Advanced Technology Mombasa, Mombasa
  79. Institute of Energy Studies & Research (Formerly Kenya Power Training School), Nairobi
  80. Institute of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Nairobi
  81. International Centre of Technology, Thika
  82. International Development Institute – Africa (IDIA), Nairobi
  83. International Institute of Advanced Studies, Oyugis
  84. Intraglobal Training Institute Kisii
  85. Jeremiah Nyagah Technical Institute, Embu
  86. Jodan College of Technology Nairobi city campus, Nairobi
  87. Jodan College of Technology Thika Main Campus
  88. Juluok Computer Technology Centre, Lodwar
  89. Jusnet Business Institute, Malindi
  90. Kaiboi Technical Training Institute, Eldoret
  91. Kako Pasha Centre, Siaya
  92. Karen Blixen Hospitality School, Karen
  93. Karen Christian College, Nairobi
  94. Karen International College, Nairobi
  95. Karen Technical Institute for the Deaf, Karen
  96. Katine Technical Training Institute, Tala
  97. Keiway Mining and Technology College ICT Center, Mtwapa
  98. Keiway Mining and Technology College Main Campus, Kilifi
  99. Kentrac College, Nairobi
  100. Kenya College of Commerce & Hospitality, Nairobi
  101. Kenya College of Commerce and Hospitality Mombasa Campus
  102. Kenya College of Commerce and Hospitality Utawala Campus
  103. Kenya College of Science and Technology, Nairobi
  104. Kenya Industrial Training Institute, Nakuru
  105. Kenya Institute of Development Studies, Nairobi
  106. Kenya Institute of Finance and Applied Management, Nairobi
  107. Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology (KIHBT), Nairobi
  108. Kenya Institute of Media and Technology, Nairobi
  109. Kenya Institute of Professional Studies, Nairobi
  110. Kenya Institute of Social Work and Community Development , Nairobi
  111. Kenya Institute of Software Engineering, Thika
  112. Kenya School of Medical Science & Technology, Thika
  113. Kenya Technical Trainers College, Nairobi
  114. Kenya Variety College, Kiambu
  115. Kenya Water Institute, Nairobi
  116. Kericho County College of Accountancy KCCA, Kericho
  117. Kericho School of Professional Studies, Kericho
  118. Keroka Technical Training Institute, Keroka
  119. Kiambu Institute of Computers and Engineering, Kiambu
  120. Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology, Kiambu
  121. Kiirua Technical Training Institute, Meru
  122. Kilifi College of Accountancy, Kilifi
  123. Kirinyaga technical institute, Kerugoya
  124. Kisiwa Technical Training Institute, Bungoma
  125. Kisumu Polytechnic, Kisumu
  126. Kitale Technical Training Institute, Kitale
  127. Kitui Institute of Development Studies, Kitui
  128. Kitui Institute of Professionals, Kitui
  129. Kiwan Computer College, Nairobi
  130. Kobujoi Institute of Development Studies, Eldoret
  131. Kreston College, Nairobi
  132. KTI Institute, Kisii
  133. Laikipia University College, Nyahururu
  134. Leverage Institute Of Professional Studies, Ongata Rongai
  135. London College of Business and Theological Studies, Mwea
  136. Machakos Institute of Technology, Machakos
  137. Machakos Medical and Technical Training College, Machakos
  138. Machakos University College, Machakos
  139. Mafftech Computer College, Uthiru
  140. Magenta Training Institute, Nairobi
  141. Makini College, Nairobi
  142. Malindi College of Accountancy, Malindi
  143. Masai Technical Training Institute, Kajiado
  144. Mathenge Institute of Technology, Othaya
  145. Mathenge Technical Training Institute, Othaya
  146. Matric Institute of Professional Studies, Thika
  147. Meru technical training institute, Meru
  148. Milele Africa Institute of Development and Technology, Nairobi
  149. MIT Teachers Training College, Machakos
  150. Mombasa Airways Training Institute M.A.T.I, Mombasa
  151. Mombasa Technical Training Institute, Mombasa
  152. Mombasa-Tech Computer Training Centre, Mombasa
  153. Montech Training Centre, Nairobi West
  154. Multimedia Design Consulting, Nairobi
  155. Muranga Institute of Science and Management Studies, Maragua Campus
  156. Murang’a University College, Muranga
  157. Musakasa Technical Training Institute, Bungoma
  158. Mwea Apex College, Mwea

    Schools, Colleges & Universities offering Certificate Higher Diploma and Diploma in ICT - Information & Communication Technology in Kenya, Intake, Application, Admission, Registration, Contacts, School Fees, Jobs, Vacancies
    Schools, ICT Colleges & Universities offering Certificate Higher Diploma and Diploma in ICT – Information & Communication Technology in Kenya, Intake, Application, Admission, Registration, Contacts, School Fees, Jobs, Vacancies
  159. Mwingi West Teachers Training College, Mwingi
  160. Nairobi Aviation College Eldoret Branch
  161. Nairobi aviation college Nakuru campus
  162. Nairobi Aviation College, Kahawa House Branch
  163. Nairobi Aviation College, Kisumu Branch
  164. Nairobi Aviation College, Kitale Branch
  165. Nairobi Aviation College, Nairobi
  166. Nairobi Industrial Institute, Kayole
  167. Nairobi Institute of Business Studies Ongata Rongai campus, Nairobi
  168. Nairobi Institute of Business Studies, Nairobi
  169. Nairobi Institute of Business Studies, Ruiru Campus
  170. Nairobi Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Ongata Rongai
  171. Nairobi Institute of Technology, Nairobi
  172. Nakuru Counseling and Training Institute, Nakuru
  173. Nkabune Technical Training Institute, Meru
  174. North Pole Education Centre, Pangani
  175. North Pole Education Centre, Thika
  176. North Pole Education Centre, Westlands
  177. Northpole Education Centre, Nairobi
  178. Northpole Education Centre, Parklands
  179. Nyandarua Institute of Science and Technology, Nyahururu
  180. NYS Institute of Business Studies, Nairobi
  181. Orbit School of Management Studies, Nairobi
  182. Orient Institute of Professional Studies, Githurai 45
  183. Outspan medical college, Nyeri
  184. PC Kinyanjui Technical Training Institute, Nairobi
  185. Pioneer’s Training Institute, Nairobi
  186. Pwani Institute of Professional Studies, Voi
  187. Railway Training Institute, Nairobi
  188. Reach Out Media College, Kisumu
  189. Riccatti Business College, Nairobi
  190. Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology RVIST, Nakuru
  191. Ruaraka Technical Training Institute, Nairobi
  192. Rural Aid Kenya Machakos
  193. Scholars Institute of Business Studies, Ongata Rongai
  194. Shalom IT Center, Nairobi
  195. Shamberere Technical Training Institute, Kakamega
  196. Shepherds Foundation Education & Research Centre, Nairobi
  197. Sigalagala Polytechnic, Kakamega
  198. Skynet Business College, Nairobi
  199. St. Andrew East Africa School of Management, Wundanyi
  200. St. Ann’s College, Kisii
  201. St. Ann’s ECD Teachers College, KISII
  202. St. Joseph’s Technical Institute for the Deaf, Bondo
  203. St. Jude’s Technical College Mumias
  204. Stanbridge College, Voi
  205. Star College of Management Studies, Nairobi
  206. Sunstar College, Wangige
  207. Tecqskills Professionals Institute, Naivasha
  208. The Cambridge Institute of Management, Kayole
  209. The Capital College of Kenya, City Campus, Nairobi
  210. The Capital College of Kenya, Naivasha Road Campus
  211. The Golden Gate College (GCC), Mosoriot
  212. Thika institute of business studies Town campus, Thika
  213. Thika Technical Training Institute, Thika
  214. Trans-Ian Computer and Secretarial College, Machakos
  215. United Africa College, Nairobi
  216. Uwezo College, Wote
  217. Valley Business School, Nairobi
  218. Victory Computer College, Molo
  219. Victory Digital Computer College, Ruaka
  220. Vision Institute of Professionals, Aga Khan Walk Campus, Nairobi
  221. Vision Institute of Professionals, Mombasa Campus
  222. Vision Institute of Professionals, Paramount Plaza Campus, Nairobi
  223. Western Institute Of Professionals, Vihiga
  224. Westmont College, Nakuru
  225. Wondrous College, Buru Buru
  226. Wote Technical Training Institute, Wote
  227. Zenith Computer Learning Centre, Kiambu
  228. Zetech College Agriculture House Campus, Nairobi
  229. Zetech College Pioneer Campus, Nairobi
  230. Zetech college Stanbank campus, Nairobi

Universities Offering Certificate & Diploma in ICT – Information & Communication Technology (ICT Colleges)

  1. Africa Nazarene University, Nairobi
  2. Inoorero University School of ICT, Nairobi
  3. Kenyatta University, Nairobi
  4. Kirinyaga university college town campus, Karatina
  5. Kirinyaga University College, Kerugoya
  6. Kiriri Womens University of Science and Technology, Nairobi
  7. Laikipia University College (Maralal Town Campus)
  8. Laikipia University College (Naivasha Town Campus)
  9. Maseno University Homa Bay Town Learning Centre, Homa Bay
  10. Maseno University, Kisumu
  11. Moi University, Eldoret
  12. Nairobi University Kisii Extra Mural Centre, Kisii
  13. South Eastern Kenya University, Kitui
  14. Technical university of Mombasa, Mombasa

Certificate and Diploma in ICT – Information & Communication Technology (ICT Colleges) County wide Coverage in Kenya

The above listed ICT Colleges offering Certificate and Diploma in ICT – Information & Communication Technology (ICT Colleges) Course in Kenya, cover all these counties; Mombasa County, Kwale County, Kilifi County, Tana River County, Lamu County, Taita-Taveta County, Garissa County, Wajir County, Mandera County, Marsabit County, Isiolo County, Meru County, Tharaka-Nithi County, Embu County, Kitui County, Machakos County, Makueni County, Nyandarua County, Nyeri County, Kirinyaga County, Murang’a County, Kiambu County, Turkana County, West Pokot County, Samburu County, Trans-Nzoia County, Uasin Gishu County, Elgeyo-Marakwet County, Nandi County, Baringo County, Laikipia County, Nakuru County, Narok County, Kajiado County, Kericho County, Bomet County, Kakamega County, Vihiga County, Bungoma CountyBusia County, Siaya County, Kisumu County, Homa Bay County, Migori County, Kisii County, Nyamira County, Nairobi County,

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